February 28, 2024

Hi, I'm Rachit.

I'm from Pullman, WA, a small college town in Eastern WA.

I previously spent time at Stripe, Jane Street, DE Shaw, and in the Harvard NLP group. In college, I trained some LSTMs in Lua torch(7), and spent some time thinking about statistical inference.

Afterwards, I worked as a quant and programmer at DE Shaw.

I was part of the YC W22 batch, though I'm working on a new company now.

I mostly like to work on technical problems, though they can vary a lot from day to day. A lot of my earlier work as a quant was on numerical optimization (both in the sense of optimizing an objective function and optimizing numerical code). You might be able to nerd-snipe me into optimizing your code (especially if it's open source).

I also enjoy designing things, and getting my hands dirty. A few years ago I liked making t-shirts, and maybe it's time to do it again.