NIPS 2017

December 9, 2017

I'm starting this blog to share research ideas that I have, and some solutions to problems I find along the way. I've been helped immensely by other people's blogs in the past, and want to do the same. Also it'll give me a chance to communicate the way I approach problems, and hopefully people will give me alternative perspectives either by email ([email protected]) or in the comments, once I figure out how that works.

I'm going to steadily post my thoughts on NIPS 2017 (summary: lots of exposure to new ideas, very glad I went); but as a start I'm going to explain how we went: Jeffrey Ling and I submitted a short paper on Indian Buffet Processes to the NIPS workshop on Advances in Approximate Bayesian Inference (AABI), and we were accepted. See the repo for runnable code and some more information. I'll blog about the IBP as well soon, possibly after we have our ArXiv preprint up (soon!).