January 16, 2023

I spent an unfortunate amount of time writing and re-writing my recent blog post about Jupyter notebooks, mostly double checking that I liked the overall style and tone. After I put it up on the shiny new website, I hesitated and finally submitted it to Hacker News, the message board most likely to care.

I put my computer away and focused on brunch with my friends, and a few hours later logged on to see what had happened: nothing at all. It received no upvotes at all, and as far as I could see never reached anywhere near the front page.

I had two reactions. First, I grimaced that no one cared about my writing. Then I felt free: if no one was reading my writing then I should feel free to hit publish more often.

After a few hours I’m realizing that that’s not true - I cared. The whole exercise is for me. Here’s to an unburdened and optimistic 2023.