JetBlue WiFi

May 30, 2023

This one is for the poor soul who is attempting to push their code to Github right now via Jetblue's excellent ViaSat wifi, but confused about why it's hanging:

It's because JetBlue blocks connections over port 22 (i.e. SSH).

It was previously possibly to add the HTTPS url of your repo as an alt remote, but this no longer works because Github has disabled push on HTTPS auth. Github has a tutorial on using SSH over the HTTPS port, but this unfortunately doesn't work on JetBlue's wifi.

There's some relatively complicated things you can do by setting up a proxy of your own (on a free Google Cloud or Digital Ocean instance, for example) that will use the HTTPS CONNECT protocol to forward your (HTTPS) connection to the server you want to SSH to, two examples of which are here and here.

However, in practice, the easiest thing for me was to just connect to a VPN, which removed all restrictions.